Process for creating a website

The 6 step process of creating a site makes sure we fully consider everything you need for the site to meet your goals. The process is definitely work, but actually makes less work in the long run and doesn’t leave you missing some important piece when you get close to the finish line.

You are involved in the process at every step

I want to keep the website development process simple for everyone. So each step keeps you engaged in creating your new website. Your website project isn’t for me to show off my cool chops as a designer.

The only reason I have to build you a website is for it to meet the goals you have for distributing your product, art, or ideas on the internet.


I use a simple analogy to help people see the benefit of planning before starting to create any pieces. Pick any direction and start walking any you’ll come to interesting and beautiful things eventually. However, if your goal is to watch the sunrise it doesn’t matter how fast or hard you work heading west you’ll never be successful.

So the first thing we do together is get very clear on where you want to go. I will get you to fill out a web design questionnaire first.  Then I listen carefully to your needs and goals. Together we gather ideas and get your vision for your website. This is the critical stage. I can help you do whatever you want on the web, but what you want to achieve needs to be really clear in both our minds to build a site that meets you goals.

This is the hardest part of the process frankly. However, the work done at the beginning pays off massively in the finished product.


I gather everything from the Planning step and create a design that fits your needs. One aspect of the planning part of the process is you picking some sites that you like the look of. We can create anything with enough resources.

Part of the design process is moving from the “Wouldn’t it be awesome if . . .” stage to “The site absolutely needs to do this . . .” stage. Often ‘cool’ and useful go together, and good-looking and useful should always be two sides of a great website. Part of my job is to help you decide what aspects of the site will help you to drive value. You review the design and together we adjust it until you are satisfied.


Once you approve the design I will get to work to create the pages and the functionality of the website. I love this part. To move from a concept plan to the real working prototype is the best part of website development. Once I have the first version of the site ready you’ll be able to try it out and make sure that all the components are working the way you had envisioned.

It’s at this stage that the careful planning and design work pays off. Usually there are only minor tweaks and adjustments and we can get on to adding content.


Next I will add the content you’ve provided to the site. That’s your company information, staff write-ups, photos, the first few products, etc. Everything we add here moves us closer to the site being ready for testing and training. Typically I don’t add all your content for the site as we do that together in the testing and training phase.


Once your website is ready and the content is in place you can test all the pages. I’ll have you to read every page, fill in every form, ‘buy’ each of your products. This phase of the process gets you comfortable and familiar with everything your website provides for the public. I will train you how to update it yourself. Together we’ll add some more of each type of content you have on the site, posts, pages, products, etc.

I will teach you how to watch what happens on your site to make sure it meets your online goals. When we’re done you’ll be confident in adding to the information on your site and tracking your progress.


The most exciting part of the project, your website is live for the world to see. This is when all the hard work starts to pay off. You have a platform, that you control, to bring your ideas, products, research, art or whatever else you wish, to the world.

My joy is watching people being successful using the tools I’ve helped them create!

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