Why you care if your Social Media Communications guy is personable

Having fun together is what family does.

Yes it seems like personable might be a given in human interaction. However, for reasons that aren’t always obvious, to me or anyone I’ve ever met, the technology area doesn’t necessarily follow that rule. Even the social media part of the tech world is rife with folks who aren’t good at being social.

Why do you care if someone who’s helping you with your social media communications planning and implementation is personable?

First, it’s just nicer to be around someone like that. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. But that bang doesn’t have to be your expert slamming you upside the head. No really, it shouldn’t require deep calming breaths before you get into a conversation with tech people.

Second, your social media plans are based on you being human and communicating pleasantly with other humans. If the people helping you don’t act like that, it’s easy to get lost in the metrics of communication, rather than the social interaction side of communication. A key point of doing social media well is to remember that it’s SOCIAL. That means you can’t be “that guy” who is rude, pushy and demanding, but then wants a favour .

Third, the ROI on being kind to your customers should be self-evident. The flip side of that is that every time you lose energy and passion for what you love to do because of a wretched experience with your social media, communications, or tech people, you are losing money as well. Since you are the prime energy source of the bottom line, when your energy is sapped by bad behaviour, you have less to build your business, pump your cause or create your art.

And this paragraph is flagrantly self serving I know, but just dump the bum and get someone else. We’d love that to be us of course. But we’d rather you have anyone else and get back to being great at what you do because your tech guy gives you wings whenever you meet.

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